High yielding residential investment properties, now available
in the Mandurah area, delivering around 7%pa returns.



Invest just $369,157 to earn around $500pw
from these innovative Dual Occupancy Duplex Properties.




Imagine the possibilities … it’s a 4 bedroom house, but can also be rented as 2 separate apartments! This allows you to create multiple income streams, lower your holding costs, increase rental options and build your wealth faster. You could even live downstairs and rent the apartment upstairs. 


Key benefits:


  • Positively Geared, dual income properties
  • $5,928pa ($114pw) positive cashflow on a $50,000pa income estimated


           Download a sample investment property analysis by clicking below:


  • Lower risk of vacancy, because you have 2 apartments to rent on 1 title
  • One set of Council and water rates
  • Market rents for each apartment are more affordable to rent than a typical 4 bedroom investment property, which increases the demand for this type of property … but you could also rent it as a 4x2 if you wanted
  • 7%pa rent returns estimated



Floorplan images below:


(Click on images for a closer look.)


GROUND FLOOR                                         UPPER FLOOR


























Level 11 Brookfield Place

125 St Georges Terrace

Perth WA 6000


Phone: 08 9288 4553

Fax: 08 9288 4400

Email: info@secfi.com.au

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