Retirement Poll Results


Around mid-November we asked our enews readers how many years they have left in the workforce before retirement and here’s what they said:


Which one are you?

As you can see from the results, 25% of our readers have more than 20 years until they retire, which means they are in the ‘asset accumulation’ phase of their property portfolio and have significant time on their hands for properties to experience substantial capital growth.  If you’re in this category the sooner you accumulate your assets the better, because you have the benefit of time on your side to allow for capital growth. Buy as many as you can now and wait for the growth.


40% of respondents will retire between 10 and 20 years … they still have time on their side to experience good property growth, but need their investments to work hard for them over the next 1-2 decades. If you’re in this phase we suggest you start moving towards higher yielding properties.


However, 35% of our readers surveyed have less than 10 years until they retire. If you’re in this category we suggest you invest in cashflow positive properties and investments and look for strategies to pay down your existing debt levels.


Whichever phase you’re in, SECFI can help you create a plan and achieve your goals. Contact us today to book your free coaching session to discuss your next property move.




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