Worried about Job Security & Finances?


This tip could save you thousands!


If you’re finding it hard to make ends meet or worried about your job, the best place to start is with an overhaul of your fixed expenses. Since the biggest expense for most Australian’s is their home loan repayment, it makes sense to start here.


What’s your current home loan interest rate?


90% of Australians don’t know what their home loan interest rate is and the average Aussie pays up to 1.75%pa more interest on their home loan than the lowest available rate. That’s an extra $7,875 a year they’re paying the bank on a $450,000 loan!
(source: Pocketbook)


Even a modest discount of 0.25%pa on a mortgage of $450,000 will save you a massive $28,700 over the life of your loan and 2 years off your loan term.


SECFI will help you negotiate a better interest rate with your current bank on your existing loans and it’s absolutely free.


Contact us today on 9288 4553 or info@secfi.com.au to find out how much you’ll save. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can save you thousands.  


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